After over a year of swirling rumors and a little bit of internal drama, it looks like Bloc Party is indeed getting back together… and I can’t wait! A blurb on the band’s official website states, “Bloc Party is still Bloc Party – See you soon”. With their ever-evolving sound and range of influences, Bloc Party has run the gambit from rock, to pop, to electronic and everything in between. Coupled with their constantly empathetic, intelligent, and often wounded lyrics, Bloc Party has had a profound impact on me over the years (and I’m sure with their countless fans as well). With a new album expected to drop sometime this year, let’s hope Bloc Party is indeed still Bloc Party!

Here are a few favorites of mine over the years that deserve another listen (yes, there are a million more but I can’t post them all here). I can’t keep track of the number of nights I’ve spent driving on empty roads and highways with these guys playing in the background. Incredible.

Blue Light (mp3)

Little Thoughts (mp3)

So Here We Are (mp3)

Kreuzberg (mp3)

On (mp3)


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