Portland resident Matthew Cooper has been recording under the appellation Eluvium since 2003. A subtle style that can be described as a blend between synthetic textural sounds and classical instruments, Eluvium is a gentle meditation on the ambient genre. Early albums saw exclusively instrumental pieces that ranged from pure ambience (complete with the glow of pulsating waves and droning layers) to almost classical compositions featuring Cooper on piano. Delicate, atmospheric, introspective, and betraying a sense of yearning and absence, Eluvium soars with emotion. The perfect music for writing, reading, meditating, and falling asleep. For those of you who read and write frequently, Eluvium provides the perfect emotional pulse to accompany your endeavors. While Copia (2007) might be his most celebrated album, Similes (2010) marked the first time Cooper’s voice joined his arrangements. Quiet and meditative, Cooper’s vocals aptly echo the emotions of his work. Eluvium recently released Static Nocturne (composed of just one track fifty minutes long) and Some Days are Better Than Others (soundtrack to the film of the same name and released under his real name, Matthew Robert Cooper) last year.

Similes (2010)

Here’s is one of Eluvium’s more ambient pieces taken from Talk Amongst the Trees (2005):

New Animals From the Air (mp3)

My personal favorite, Cooper took to the piano for his sophomore effort An Accidental Memory in Case of Death (2004):

An Accidental Memory in Case of Death (mp3)

Cooper’s vocals joined the fray in Similes (2010):

The Motion Makes Me Last (mp3)


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