Yes, yes I know I disappeared again for a while and I sincerely apologize for that. Life has a lovely little habit of violently uprooting any plans you have and scattering them all to shit… But I assure you that I am still very much alive. So let’s get to it!

Anna Calvi - 2011

Don’t have much to say so I’ll keep this post short. I stumbled across the lovely Anna Calvi relatively recently and have become absolutely mesmerized by her work. Her eponymous debut album dropped in early 2011 to well-deserved critical acclaim. While drawing many different comparisons to other musicians, I find Calvi conveys a far darker, seductive, sexually-charged, and almost ravenous aura that is unrivaled by any of her contemporaries. With her intensely played Fender Telecaster and harmonium accompaniment, it’s as if Calvi is rendering up a strange cocktail of seductive, sumptuous, Gypsy jazz pop rock that gets better and better with each sip. Continuing to turn heads in the industry, Calvi is definitely a talent to watch. Check her out!

Here’s two for your entertainment:

Jezebel (mp3)

Blackout (mp3)


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